Telecommunications, Media and Internet

Wincon actively participates in legal affairs in the fields of telecommunications, media and internet, providing professional legal advice to plenty of basic telecommunications operators, value-added service providers, media industries and internet enterprises. Wincon has accumulated rich experience in providing various legal services in the telecommunications, media, and internet industries, and has always been at the forefront of this field, which has also won widespread recognition from clients with high-quality, innovative and pragmatic legal services.

Our services include

Our services in the field of telecommunications include:
  • Regulatory reform and compliance
  • Spectrum regulation, including auctions, transactions, and licensing
  • Network access agreement
  • Advertising, sponsorship, and media content agreements
  • Wholesale access arrangements between operators
  • Retail supply and outsourcing contracts for large and medium-sized corporate customers
  • Complex government supply contracts
  • Retail consumption contracts and licensing arrangements, privacy issues, and antitrust measures
  • International telecommunications service supply contracts involving multiple jurisdictions
  • International submarine cable construction, joint and capacity agreements, as well as related licensing and regulatory arrangements
  • Satellite access, capacity, and ground station arrangements
Our services in the field of media include:
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Large company restructuring (including spinoffs)
  • Acquisition or investment in media
  • Domestic and foreign investment in China
  • Exit strategies (including management buyouts and leveraged buyouts)
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Brand protection, including searching, applying, raising objections, and resolving disputes
  • Competition and regulatory issues (including addressing regulatory agencies and cross media ownership)
  • Social media and digital media issues
  • Various aspects of publishing, marketing, and advertising laws (including comparative advertising, publisher liability, spam, misleading and deceptive litigation, and proof of claim)
  • Laws, policies, and practices of various standards committees and supervisory bodies
  • Broadcasting, content rights, and joint arrangements
  • Sponsorship of live events, TV reality shows, and sports events
  • Film, TV, and video game production agreements
  • Celebrity endorsement agreement
  • Popularization and promotion
  • Digital and online distribution
  • Disputes
  • Privacy and data security issues
Our services in the field of the Internet include:
  • Mobile Internet
  • Cloud services and big data
  • E-commerce
  • Short videos and online live streaming
  • Integrated circuits
  • Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets
  • Dispute resolution, criminal compliance, and defense
  • Data compliance