The energy and resource industry is also one of Wincon's characteristic service areas. We have participated in many major transactions, handled numerous difficult domestic and foreign cases, and accumulated a good reputation , with high social recognition.

We can help clients navigate relevant legal issues in the energy and resource fields, assist in obtaining approval for development projects, and provide project design or financing support. In assisting clients in completing the entire design process, we are not only able to effectively communicate with regulatory authorities, policy makers, and government agencies, but also able to fully cooperate with private enterprises, serving every aspect of the project lifecycle, flexibly adapting to market changes, and playing a leading role in the largest and most complex transactions.

Our services include

  • Mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and (legal and non-legal persons) joint venture arrangements
  • Project development and financing
  • Government agreements and negotiations
  • Integrated development arrangements for farm in/farm out, product sharing contracts, and joint operation agreements
  • Bulk commodity sales, offtake arrangements, transportation, and letters of credit
  • Competition and infrastructure access issues
  • Indigenous land rights and cultural heritage
  • Project approval, environment, and planning
  • Infrastructure and construction agreements
  • Tax compliance and architecture issues
  • Dispute resolution (including international arbitration)
  • Employment and industrial relations, dispatch agreements
  • Carbon emissions and greenhouse effect issues
  • Health, safety, and environmental events
  • Engineering and construction laws