Marriage and Family Affairs and Wealth Inheritance

Wincon lawyers in Marriage and Family field are always committed to providing customers with warm and valuable professional legal services, helping them achieve a better life and a lasting family career, practicing their responsibilities professionally, and achieving success from a small family.

In addition to traditional marriage and family matters, Wincon can help clients plan corporate and family wealth management, build a firewall between personal wealth and the enterprise, effectively isolate risks, plan and customize personalized inheritance plans, and prevent and respond to disputes over marriage, family, and wealth inheritance.

Our services include

  • Pre-marital and intra-marital property sorting and planning
  • Difficult and complex marriage/inheritance litigation, as well as commercial litigation related to marriage and inheritance (such as company equity, real estate) and other related litigation
  • Will arrangement planning, voluntary guardianship planning, emergency planning
  • Property agency planning
  • Domestic/foreign insurance, trust sorting and planning
  • Personal Family Counseling Services and Comprehensive Wealth Planning
  • Asset planning related to ultra-high net worth individual immigration
  • Legal services related to family offices