Industrial and Equipment Manufacturing Industry

In the face of constantly changing market dynamics, social and environmental expectations, and challenges posed by disruptive technological forces, global manufacturers are implementing proactive research and development strategies and optimizing business, processes, and supply chains to drive development, added value, and innovation.

As a comprehensive law firm, Wincon has clients covering various industries. Among them, the industrial and equipment manufacturing industry is one of the fields where we have emerged in recent years. We have a group of senior and experienced legal talents in this field, who have a deep understanding of relevant laws, regulations and policies in the industry and are able to keenly understand industry trends. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop professional legal services beyond customer expectations for various complex and emerging industrial and manufacturing business, including but not limited to legal services related to legal due diligence, investment and financing services, optimization of tax structure, bidding and dispute resolution.

Our services include

  • Consultation on industry access policies for newly established investments
  • Investment, mergers and corporate governance
  • Provide legal advice on project investment and financing plans
  • Whole process legal consultation for bidding and large-scale procurement
  • Compliance review and risk prevention
  • Trademark application and invention patent protection
  • Provide services for product sales, etc
  • Dispute resolution
  • Anti-dumping investigations