Cross-border Investment

Wincon has rich project experience in assisting foreign enterprises in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and assisting Chinese enterprises in Overseas Direct Investment (ODI). The services cover transaction structure construction, potential business partner evaluation, target company investigation, assisting clients in drafting and modifying transaction documents, negotiating on behalf of clients, controlling the entire investment process, preventing transaction risks, and resolving disputes related to transactions (including overseas recovery, recognition and enforcement of extraterritorial judicial documents in China), etc., and provide comprehensive legal services in addressing regulatory issues related to foreign investment, market access, foreign security review, foreign exchange supervision, antitrust, selection and cooperation of foreign lawyers and project process management.

Our services include

  • Assist foreign companies in conducting legal due diligence investigations on Chinese partners, drafting and/or reviewing relevant cooperation agreements
  • Provide Chinese legal advice on foreign companies' business models in China
  • Assist foreign companies in establishing, changing, and canceling various commercial entities in various parts of China
  • Provide consulting opinions on regulatory matters such as government approval, filing and registration, and assist in handling relevant procedures
  • Draft and/or review various daily business contracts such as business cooperation agreements, distribution agreements, supply agreements, procurement contracts, license agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc., and participate in negotiations according to customer instructions
  • Analyze and answer various legal issues encountered by foreign-invested enterprises in their daily operations, establish and improve the governance structure and modern enterprise system of foreign-invested enterprises
  • Assist foreign investors and foreign-invested enterprises in resolving disputes and disputes, including but not limited to diversified dispute resolution such as arbitration, litigation, mediation, and the recognition and enforcement of extraterritorial judicial documents in China
  • Handling various legal affairs related to the merger, division, restructuring, exit, layoff, dissolution, and liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises
  • Assist Chinese enterprises in sorting out the investment policies of their countries and regions, studying the construction of overseas corporate structures, selecting overseas lawyers, and process management of investment/dispute resolution on Overseas Direct Investment (ODI)
  • Provide legal services such as compliance, labor, taxation, and customs for foreign-funded enterprises within China
  • Provide customers with relevant legal services in the fields of network security and data protection
  • Assist customers in dealing with legal matters related to anti-unfair competition and anti-trust