National Defense and Military Industry

With the continuous enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength and the continuous development of national defense and military industry technology, national defense and military industry enterprises undertake the dual strategic tasks of developing the economy and ensuring national security. In the process of national defense and military industry development, the transition from military to civilian, civilian participation in the military, and sharing of military civilian resources have formed a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, and cost-effective pattern of deep military civilian integration development.

In the field of national defense and military industry, Wincon’s professional lawyer team has a deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. In the fields of electronic information, new materials, high-end technical equipment, technology transfer, etc., we could provide various legal consulting services for relevant national defense technology units, civilian military industry supporting units, as well as military enterprises and institutions.

Our services include

  • Capital markets
  • Pre-IPO restructuring and restructuring
  • Domestic initial public offering of stocks
  • Corporate refinancing (including stock, convertible bonds and other financing instruments)
  • Company acquisition, merger, separation, major asset restructuring
  • Spin off and repurchase of company shares
  • Design of management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans, etc.