Under the backdrop of fully implementing the Great Health Strategy, and with the requirements of prioritizing the development of agriculture and rural areas, strengthening biosafety protection, and improving the safety and security level of products and services related to people's health proposed in the 14th Five Year Plan, the agriculture and food industry will face huge development opportunities in China and even globally, accompanied by innovation and prosperity of the entire industry.

Our professional legal team has a long-term focus on the food and agricultural economy, possessing comprehensive skills and experience to help clients solve various legal and regulatory issues. They also have profound and unique insights into the latest trends, opportunities, and risks in the agricultural and food industries.

Our services include

  • Assist in applying for new plant species rights
  • Licensing transactions for new plant species rights
  • Food safety compliance
  • Advertising compliance
  • Packaging design compliance
  • Compliance system review and establishment
  • Compliance regulation
  • Anti-commercial bribery, response to internal and external investigations
  • Land use rights transactions
  • Trademark and brand licensing transactions
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Resolution of intellectual property disputes
  • Building construction
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Capital financing
  • Consumer rights protection