Private Equity and Venture Capital

With years of practice, we have accumulated a large amount of mature experience and formed a professional team with rich experience and unique insights in the field of private investment funds. We provide clients with multi-dimensional and full process legal services for private equity investment and fund business within and outside China, including the establishment and fundraising of private investment funds, the establishment of private investment fund management institutions, representing investors in private investment funds, the operation and management of private investment funds, project investment and exit of private investment funds, and cross-border transactions of private investment funds.

Our services include

  • Assist investors in investing in private equity funds
  • Establishment and fundraising of private investment funds
  • Registration of private fund managers
  • Private equity fund product registration
  • Private equity investment
  • Post investment management and exit of private equity funds
  • The operation, governance, and compliance of private equity funds
  • Liquidation and dissolution of private equity funds