Government Legal Affairs

Government legal affairs is one of the important business areas of Wincon Law Firm. Wincon has long provided high-quality legal services to Party committees, government and functional departments, public institutions, social organizations, etc. Its business scope covers special legal affairs such as year-round legal advisors, government legislation, major administrative decisions, government information disclosure, handling of historical issues, safety production supervision, comprehensive law enforcement, urban management, franchising, urban renewal, investment attraction, state-owned assets and financial supervision, bidding and government procurement, public-private-partnership (PPP), resolution of petition matters, handling of public events and crisis response, etc., as well as handling administrative disputes such as administrative reconsideration and litigation, which has a good reputation in the industry and customers. In the process of comprehensively promoting the rule of law in the country, Wincon will continue to use its professional advantages and service experience to assist in the administration and governance according to law.

Our services include

  • Legal advisory services for party committees, governments, public institutions, associations, industry associations, etc.
  • Government legislation
  • Risk assessment of major administrative decisions
  • Administrative licensing, supervision, law enforcement evaluation
  • Research on government specific legal issues
  • State-owned assets supervision and financial supervision
  • Urban renewal (village renovation and land acquisition)
  • Government investment promotion
  • Government procurement and bidding
  • Public-private-partnership
  • Administrative dispute resolution
  • Government information disclosure
  • Public affairs management
  • Resolution of petition matters
  • Public events and public crisis response