Culture, Sports, and Entertainment

Wincon Law Firm provides various legal services for the cultural, sports, and entertainment industry, including the most complex regulatory requirements, transactions, disputes, financing needs, and taxation. We strive to prevent risks, resolve disputes, and maximize the protection of customer interests in every legal service project, providing escort for customer management work.

For companies involved in music, games, sports, advertising, movies and television, or data provision, the rapid development of the cultural, sports, and entertainment industries, the globalization of content, and the combination of digital technology and media have jointly created a dynamic, disruptive market with both opportunities and challenges. Our in-depth understanding of the industry and comprehensive service team ensure our advantage in competition and innovation in the industry, and can help customers seize these opportunities to achieve change.

Our services include

  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate governance and director responsibilities
  • Labor Law and employee management
  • Various types of financing
  • Negotiation of contracts and commercial agreements
  • Procurement of goods and services for content production
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property law, brand and trademark protection
  • Advertising and marketing regulation
  • Consumer protection
  • Anti-unfair competition Law and Anti-monopoly Law
  • Event and venue agreements
  • Film, TV, and video game production agreement
  • Management and agency agreements
  • Production and distribution of video games, movies, music, and other content
  • Role protection, sponsorship, and endorsement arrangements
  • Digital rights management and digital distribution
  • Publishing and author arrangements
  • Real time production financing and production agreement
  • Concerts and large-scale events
  • Cultural and sports legal services
  • Legal services for art exhibitions
  • Legal services related to gambling and gaming
  • Legal services in the entertainment and media fields