Intellectual Property

With the rapid development of technology, protecting inventions and innovation has become a key foothold for many companies and emerging industries. Wincon takes understanding the value of customers' intellectual property rights as the basis of practice, and provides strong support for customers to maximize the commercial value of brands, works, and patented technologies with all-round, professional, and full process intellectual property legal services.

We are deeply involved in intellectual property administrative litigation and intellectual property dispute resolution, and have successfully represented a large number of difficult, complex, and significant social impact intellectual property cases. Wincon patent team was awarded the "Top 10 Excellent Intellectual Property Litigation Patent Team in China" by IPHOUSE. The intellectual property cases we represent have been successfully selected as one of the "Top 10 Most Valuable Intellectual Property Judgment Cases in China in 2020" by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Research Institute, as well as the Top 10 Typical Cases of Intellectual Property Protection in multiple courts.

Our services include

  • Intellectual property civil infringement litigation
  • Administrative litigation for intellectual property authorization and confirmation
  • Unfair competition and trade secret litigation
  • Anti-monopoly cases related to intellectual property rights
  • Intellectual property due diligence, licensing, and transactions
  • Administrative protection of intellectual property and customs protection procedures
  • Enterprise intellectual property strategy consulting, portfolio management, and system construction
  • Free to Operate (FTO), patent layout, and patent evaluation
  • Data protection and network security
  • Technical legal affairs in the fields of the Internet, media, and technology