Wincon has very professional and systematic legal knowledge and rich practical experience in the field of labor law. Some lawyers serve as part-time arbitrators in municipal and district labor and personnel dispute arbitration committees, with a more accurate grasp of labor laws, regulations, and policies. They can provide clients with non-litigation legal services that are both legal compliant and commercial operational on various labor law issues. At the same time, we resolve labor disputes, handle arbitration and litigation cases for our clients. In the field of labor law business, Wincon has been nominated for the "East China Labor and Employment Law Firm Award" by the industry authoritative media ALB Asian Legal Business.

Our services include

  • Internal systems and policies of the enterprise
  • Labor arbitration and litigation
  • Compliance and due diligence
  • Employment, management, and termination of employees
  • Employee equity incentives
  • Trade unions, collective bargaining, and group events
  • Environment, health, and safety
  • Non-competition restrictions and trade secrets
  • Layoffs, employee transfers, and placements
  • Special training