Bankruptcy Reorganization and Liquidation

Wincon has accumulated rich theoretical and practical experience in the field of bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, and maintains excellent cooperation and communication with bankruptcy lawyers and experts, obtaining comprehensive support in difficult cases and case innovation. We have successfully processed a great many bankruptcy restructuring, bankruptcy liquidation, compulsory liquidation, and self-liquidation cases involving multiple industry sectors.

Our team has rich practical experience and outstanding performance, specializing in providing team style professional legal services to shareholders, debtors, creditors, and investors of enterprises in areas such as corporate debt restructuring, takeover of distressed financial companies, bankruptcy restructuring (including pre-restructuring), bankruptcy settlement and dissolution liquidation, compulsory liquidation, and bankruptcy liquidation.

Wincon's bankruptcy and restructuring business field has been nominated for the "East China Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law Firm Award" by ALB Asian Legal Business; the bankruptcy reorganization cases of Qingdao Shipyard Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Yangfan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. undertaken by Wincon were not only included in the 2019 work report of the Supreme People's Court, but also rated as a "Major Legal Case in the Forty Years of Reform and Opening Up in Shandong Province", and was selected as one of the top ten typical cases of bankruptcy in Shandong Province and Qingdao City.

Our services include

  • Accepting the appointment of the people's court as the administrator of bankruptcy cases and the administrator of company compulsory liquidation cases
  • Accept the appointment of the People's Court as the temporary manager for the debtor's pre-restructuring, investigate the debtor's basic situation, debt review, assets and liabilities, promote negotiations between the debtor and its investors, creditors, potential investors and other stakeholders, and guide all parties to reach a consensus on the restructuring plan
  • Accept the commission of financially distressed enterprises to conduct a thorough investigation into their debt restructuring affairs, propose solutions, and carry out off-court restructuring work
  • As a legal advisor or agent to stakeholders such as debtors, strategic investors, shareholders, creditors, etc., participate in the restructuring, settlement, and debt restructuring of listed or non-listed companies
  • Proxy creditors, debtors, and other entities apply to the court for bankruptcy of the debtor
  • Acting shareholders, creditors and other entities apply to the people's court for compulsory liquidation of the company
  • Participate in bankruptcy or compulsory liquidation proceedings as legal counsel or agent for creditors, recovery rights holders, and other entities
  • Accepting client commissions to provide assistance and support for cross-border bankruptcy affairs
  • Accept the commission of regulatory authorities or relevant parties to participate in the risk disposal work of financial institutions
  • Other businesses related to bankruptcy and debt restructuring