In today's complex business environment, business innovation is constantly changing, and transaction models are overturning tradition. At the same time, tax risk is becoming a key potential risk that affects the development of enterprises. With the continuous improvement of the national tax regulatory system in recent years, especially the launch of the Golden Tax Phase IV, professional tax planning and risk prevention have become the key to the healthy development of enterprises. Improper handling may bring disruptive risks to enterprises. Wincon lawyers are familiar with Chinese tax regulations and practices, with rich practical experience, and can deeply understand customer needs, who can assist customers in completing the entire process of legal services, from tax risk investigation to professional tax consulting and planning, to tax dispute resolution, and tax criminal defense.

Our services include

  • General tax consultation: including assisting in resolving tax issues encountered in the daily operation of enterprises, optimizing the existing tax treatment methods of enterprises, and providing professional advice on relevant tax matters.
  • Investment and financing tax consultation: including the selection of investment and financing methods, determination of suitable investment entities, establishment of a reasonable holding structure, identification of tax risks in the transaction process, etc.
  • Merger and acquisition tax due diligence: including understanding the target company's tax situation, assessing historical tax risks, designing investment holding structures, seeking solutions and protection mechanisms, etc.
  • Guidance on proxy tax hearings: including consulting administrative penalty evidence from tax authorities, collecting and submitting response evidence, representing in making representations and defenses, evaluating penalty risks and potential criminal risks, etc.
  • Assist in responding to tax inspections: including assessing corporate tax risks, developing audit response plans, negotiating with tax authorities, and avoiding criminal risk conversion.
  • Assist in responding to transfer pricing investigations, including transfer pricing planning, transfer pricing risk assessment, transfer pricing tax valuation, and assisting in negotiations with tax authorities.
  • Domestic and international tax planning: including providing tax preferential consultation, designing targeted regional, industry, and regional tax preferential plans, developing the optimal tax burden company equity structure, providing investment tax planning and Anti-tax avoidance investigation responses for foreign-invested enterprises and Chinese "going global" enterprises.
  • Enterprise tax compliance: including conducting tax risk investigation, providing pre-tax compliance review and risk assessment, conducting compliance special training, and developing plans to resolve major tax risks.
  • Tax dispute resolution: including responding to tax administrative reconsideration and litigation, coordinating negotiations and communication with tax authorities, and responding to economic business litigation involving civil subjects.
  • Criminal defense related to taxation: including providing criminal defense for high incidence of false invoices, tax evasion, and fraudulent export tax refunds in the tax field, effectively responding to possible overdue detention and beyond the scope of seizure, and preventing and resolving major tax risks of enterprises.
  • Private clients' tax planning and wealth management: including providing personalized tax advice and customizing wealth management plans, effectively isolating risks from domestic enterprises, and utilizing tools such as trusts and insurance to achieve optimal wealth planning.