We customize a comprehensive or specialized compliance plan based on customer needs and the actual situation of the enterprise. In the plan, we fully consider the customer's scale, existing organizational structure, management methods, industry characteristics, areas with high compliance risks, and cultural background, and provide professional services to customers with our accumulated experience in compliance projects in various industries and fields, as well as our attention and research in the latest policy trends and advanced management methods in the compliance field.

Wincon is able to provide comprehensive and high-quality legal services for the establishment, continuous operation, and continuous improvement of clients' compliance management system, including guiding clients in formulating corporate compliance policies, establishing corporate compliance organizations, identifying and evaluating compliance risks, developing compliance management systems and processes, conducting compliance reviews, assessing and evaluating corporate compliance management systems, conducting compliance promotion and training, and creating a corporate compliance culture, and proposing continuous improvement plans, etc.

Our services include

I. Building a comprehensive compliance management system
  • Establish a compliance organization
  • Develop compliance management systems and processes (including the Overall Guidelines for Enterprise Compliance Management, Integrity and Compliance Guidelines, and special compliance management guidelines)
  • Compliance risk management
  • Compliance management assessment
  • Compliance promotion and training
  • Suggestions for investigation and disposal of violations
  • Assist in building a compliance management information system
II. Establishment of a special compliance management system
  • Anti-commercial bribery, anti-fraud compliance
  • Anti-trust and anti-unfair competition compliance
  • Network security and data protection compliance
  • Labor and employment compliance
  • Safety production compliance
  • Environmental protection compliance
  • Tax compliance
  • Trade and export control compliance
III. Guidance on compliance construction of enterprises involved in criminal cases
  • Assist the involved enterprises in conducting compliance rectification reviews and submitting special compliance rectification plans;
  • Assist the involved enterprises in establishing a special compliance management system, conducting regular reports, and conducting inspections and evaluations;
  • Assist the involved enterprise in completing the compliance rectification content comprehensively and issue a comprehensive report on compliance rectification