Maritime Commerce and Affairs

Maritime commerce and affairs business is one of Wincon's traditional advantageous business areas. Wincon can provide customers with comprehensive domestic maritime litigation (all maritime courts, corresponding high courts and the Supreme Court), domestic maritime arbitration, international maritime arbitration, and maritime legal services for non-litigation businesses such as ship financial leasing, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions of shipping enterprises.

The lawyers of the team are graduated from maritime universities and well-known law schools both domestically and internationally, with a systematic and solid knowledge of maritime law, as well as rich experience in maritime dispute adjudication and accident scene handling. We are professionally proficient, experienced, and skilled in English, capable of helping domestic and foreign clients in coping with complex maritime and maritime disputes effortlessly. We are currently one of the most powerful lawyer teams in China in maritime commerce and affairs.

The Penglai Oilfield Oil Spill Accident Claim Case represented by Wincon lawyers was selected as an outstanding case in the 2012 China Business Journal of Law and was the first domestic marine environmental pollution claim case; the East Sierra Leone Iron Ore Transportation Contract Dispute Case undertaken by Wincon was selected as an outstanding case by the China Business Journal of Law in 2020. Several internationally renowned legal magazines, such as Chambers, ALB Asian Legal Business, and CBJL China Business Journal of Law, have repeatedly listed Wincon as a leading law firm in the maritime commerce and affairs field.

Our services include

Dispute of maritime commerce
  • Maritime cargo transportation contracts (including cargo damage, shortage, delivery without a bill of lading, transfer of bills of lading, pledge, etc.)
  • Disputes over ship charter contracts (time charter parties, bareboat charter parties, etc.)
  • Ship sales, financing leasing, and operation management
  • Ship construction, repair, ship engineering
  • Ship ownership, priority, mortgage, lien
  • Ship towing and pilotage contracts
  • Shipping agent, freight forwarders and logistics warehousing
  • Supply contracts for materials, fuel, and spare parts related to ship operation
  • Crew labor and labor disputes
  • Port operations, port and terminal leasing, operation management
  • Storage, mortgage, pledge (supervision), financing leasing and maritime transportation, ship buying and selling, ship engineering, and ports of port goods, port navigation equipment, and containers
  • Guarantees, independent guarantees, letters of credit related to ship production and operation
  • Marine insurance, protection, and compensation contracts
Dispute of maritime affairs
  • Ship collisions, bumps, grounding, and reef strikes
  • Ship damage to fishing, aquaculture facilities, aquaculture products, and offshore and subsea facilities
  • Product quality responsibility for ship engineering
  • Illegal detention of ships, cargo and ship materials, fuel, and spare parts
  • Marine pollution and clean-up
  • Maritime rescue, towing, and sunken ship salvage
  • General average
  • Maritime casualties
  • Maritime fraud
  • Other maritime infringement cases
Maritime special procedures cases
  • Maritime property preservation, evidence preservation, maritime injunctions
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards
  • Maritime Compensation Liability Limitation Fund (including Oil Pollution Compensation Liability Limitation Fund)
  • Public notice procedure (in case the bill of lading was lost)
Non-litigation business
  • Writing transaction documents and issuing legal opinions for ship financing and container financing projects
  • Provide year-round legal advisory services for various enterprises in maritime commerce and affairs business
  • Provide services such as restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, etc. for shipping enterprises, shipyards, logistics enterprises, port, and shipping enterprises, etc.